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Property Management Redlands

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“As part of our service to you we realise the importance of rental returns and we are constantly monitoring the current market rent on your behalf.”

10 Good Reasons to use Evolution

For your property management Redlands

1. Enjoy the benefits of our mobile office, we’ll meet with you at your Brisbane location
2. Fully qualified, you can rest assured that we follow the strict guidelines and best practice of the REIQ (Real Estate Institute Queensland)
3. Safe auditing, we don’t take short cuts and follow Australia’s best Property & Asset Management system CONSOLE
4. Cleverly managed advertising, so you get the best exposure at the right price
5. Monthly newsletter including marketing trends, tips and information that will set you apart
6. Annual rental reviews, if you’ve forgotten be assured we haven’t
7. Dedicated, committed property managers, contactable when it suits you!
8. Extensive scrutinised Tenant Register, so you get the best tenant for your property
9. Negotiating skills, leases that suit you, providing the best outcomes, reducing costs and increasing your rental income
10. Risk Management, sound advice to ensure your property is maintained, including advice on insurances and liabilities


At Evolution Properties, we do more than just collect your rent. We have listened and we understand that in a good property management service you look for a “Worry- free package”. Our landlords are provided an easy solution of opting for all expenses relating to your property and document them on your monthly statement, this makes taxation a breeze.
N.B. Money must be made available to make payments on your behalf.

We utilises the latest computer software and offer you a greater number of options & speedier service transferring monies to you.

Monthly Statements:
Each month we prepare a statement detailing rental monies received plus any property expenses accounts received and paid for during the month.
Landlords can elect to receive their statements electronically or by mail.

You will receive a regular newsletter covering market conditions, legislation changes, current litigation concerns, and investment properties for sale, local area developments and lots more.

Banking Transfer:
Electronically transferred to nominated bank account for immediate use.

Annual Statement:
Statements summarise all income and expenditure during the current financial year.

Document presentation & processing applications.

Our Approach:

Conduct thorough screening of all tenant applications

48 Hour processing of tenancy applications

Conduct Tenant Default Agency checks and references

Discuss tenancy applications

Prepare Tenancy documentation for signing – Form 18A

Write up an Entry Condition Report – Form 1A for the property

Process Form 2 Bond Lodgement

Collection of initial monies rent and bond

Lodgement of the rental bond

Property Management Redlands
Property Management Redlands

During the Tenancy

Conduct Entry condition reports at the initial tenancy and supply photographic proof to you the owner and to the tenants

Liaise with service providers that maintain your property

Arrange all maintenance in accordance with your written instruction

Collect rent, your choice of weekly, fortnightly or monthly

Arrears minimisation by sharp monitoring of rent, we adopt a zero tolerance policy

Collection, receipting and banking of rental payments

Transferring payments to Landlord nominated bank account

Quarterly property inspections

Annual rental reviews

Routine Inspections

Regular routine inspection are essential to effectively manage your property. Our philosophy is maintain a fair balance between regular inspections, to achieve a high level of care and responsibility whilst not inconveniencing the tenant.

Perform drive by to monitor external surrounds.

Condition reports are provided to landlords


Rental Reviews

As part of our service to you we realise the importance of rental returns and we are constantly monitoring the current market rent on your behalf.

We will provide rental reviews:

* When the tenant vacates.

* When an agreement comes up for renewal.

* At 12 months if the tenant continues the tenancy

Property Management Redlands
Property Management Redlands

Rental Arrears

In today’s harsh economic climate, more and more tenants are not paying their rent, even after passing the most careful tenant selection. Rest assured every precaution is taken to minimise tenants falling behind in rent.

We carry our daily checks to ensure rents are kept up to date Evolution Properties have a “Zero Tolerance” for late rental payments. Our tenants are well informed prior to tenancy commencement and are asked to acknowledge this policy by signing an agreement, this help protect our landlords.

If a tenant falls behind in their rent, we have severe standard rental arrears letters and procedures in place to ensure that our office mitigates any loss of income to the Property Investor. In accordance with the law, our office makes all telephone calls and issues appropriate notices.

Notices Made:

1. Telephone/SMS Text message is sent to the tenant once they are 3 days in areas
2. Form 1 1 – Notice to remedy breach is issued to the tenant once they are on the 8th day of arrears. They have seven days to remedy this breach notice under the legislation. We also need to allow 2 days postage on this notice.
3. Form 12 – Notice to leave is issued if the breach is not rectified, (Additional time periods must be allowed for delivery of the notice as per item 2)

Landlords will be notified in writing in relation to the rental arrears, prior and too if the tenant fails to vacate as per the notice expiry date. We then take further action through the Small Claims Tribunal to terminate the tenancy.

You will be advised of the progression form notice to remedy to termination of the tenancy agreement if this situation arose.
N.B. Our tenancy arrears are minimised by our strict Tenant Selection

Vacancy Management

Issuing or receipt of notice forms (Form 12 or Form 13)
Final Inspection, follow up on necessary work required
Administration of Bond refund or other relevant documentation. e.g. Small Claims Tribunal lodgement

Getting the right tenants

When the right tenants inspects your property, they will only pay the rental price if:

They have been made fully aware of the property’s features & benefits
They understand the true value of your property
They are willing to take on the tenancy time frames
They have access to the local facilities & transport they are looking for

Our selection process ensures that the risk to your property is minimal by only approving tenants who have completed our stringent criteria, which includes:

Proving 100 points of identification
Reference checks
Last 2 rental premises – discussions with landlords/Agents
Personal references
Emergency/Next of Kin contact details
TICA checks (Tenancy Information Centre of Australia), is a tenant default database specializing in tenant default records

*All requirements comply with the Privacy & Anti – Discrimination Act

Property Management Redlands
Property Management Redlands

Securing your property

We recognise the need to maximize the security of your investment, so we never and out keys!

Prospective tenants are met at the property, this gives us the opportunity to promote the property features & local area benefits. Eeliminating unsuitable applications, minimising disruption to existing tenants, with the primary benefit being our landlords receive the most suitable applicants.

The process is also a good opportunity to receive feedback on your property.

Why do properties remain vacant?

Our office understands that many investors rely on weekly rent to meet mortgage commitments and every endeavor is taken to minimise vacancy periods. Often it is because:

1. Rent is too high
2. High vacancy rate for similar properties in the area
3. Poor presentation
4. Location, infrastructure such as public transport, schools

Anti Discrimination

Under federal and state anti-discrimination laws, real estate agents cannot accept discriminatory direction from Property Investors. Both the Agent and the Property Investor are legally liable if complaints are made. It is neither fair nor lawful to pressure an agent to break the law.
When selecting tenants, requirements addressed are:

1. The number of suitable people to reside in the property.
2. The tenant must be able to prove they have and can maintain the weekly rent.
3. The tenant must be able to prove that they have and can maintain a rental property in a clean and tidy condition.
4. You can discriminate against pets and smokers.

Unfair discrimination happens if you treat someone less favourable simply because of their sex, age, race, nationality, marital status, the impairment, pregnancy, religion or political beliefs. You do have the right to choose the most suitable tenant provided no unfair discrimination occurs.

Property Management Redlands

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