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Looking for Rental Properties Brisbane Bayside?


Is that you?

At Evolution Properties we don’t just seek landlords, we need excellent tenants

Without tenants our owners would have vacant properties, that’s a fact. Which is why we have this dedicated tenant’s info page, just for you.  If you continue reading you’ll discover many interesting, handy facts and links to keep you informed.  Local Rental Properties Brisbane Bayside are what we specialise in.

If you are looking to rent a property in Brisbane’s Bayside, there’s a good chance we’ll find it. We’ve made it easy for you, just register today on our tenant form to join our tenants registry when we find a property that matches your requests we’ll be in touch.

So, just what does make a good tenant?

Here’s an easy list that ensures harmony and you receive that, all important tick of approval.

* Paying rent on time.
* Keeping property in good order both outdoors and in.
* Notifying your concerns quickly, as living in disrepair can create bigger problems and your safety is paramount.
* Notifying us of damages, this is because many times these are covered by insurance, so it is important to report this when it happens.
* Communicating if there are changes in your life, like health or employment. As a result this may lead to difficulties in keeping rentals payments up to date. By talking with us, we’ll adopt an understanding approach and relay information to the property owner.

Many tenants are first timers to property rental. Their situations may vary in circumstances from moving out of home to perhaps being in transition between properties. We want to help and believe our responsibility to you is to provide you know you good information.

Here’s some information on renting

Rental Properties Brisbane Bayside

These helpful links will arm you with the knowledge of exactly what your rights and responsibilities are, this information will enable you:

Residential Authority Queensland – packed with helpful information that keeps you informed and up to date of legislation changes.


Queensland Civil & Administrative Tribunal – Solely for the purpose  dispute resolution, we , of course hope this will not be required.  However from time to time problems exist and QCAT is there as a mediator to transition this process.  Evolution Properties work for both parties and your genuine dispute will be supported by our team.

Forms for Tenants

The above sites have a number of forms which are downloadable. To provide you with that extra service and convenience, Evolution Properties have the most important forms a Tenant will need BELOW: ready for you to fill out and email back to us if need be.

For Existing Tenants

For urgent inquiries always contact us by phone on 0439 766 488 or if you have a non-urgent enquiry please complete our TENANT CONTACT FORM and we’ll process you enquiry and respond within 24 hours.